The department of maxillofacial surgery is responsible for the surgical treatment of acquired, congenital and traumatic issues related to the jaws and facial regions as well as developmental diseases of these areas. Facial fractures, head and neck cancers and salivary gland diseases are the other areas in which the department plays a key role. Major surgeries include those for maxillofacial traumas, cysts and tumours, oral cancer, orthognathic surgery, bone graft, distraction and cleft lip and cleft palate. The department trains students at the UG level in the surgical procedures conducted and enables them to gain the necessary knowledge and skills.

The department has the advantage of sharing the best of medical facilities such as OT, Surgical ICUs 24 hour causality, inpatient beds and advanced diagnostic aids like CT with Malabar Medical College & Hospital which is an 1100 bedded teaching institute belonging to the same trust. Apart from routine tooth extractions and impactions, the department performs surgical procedures for head and neck cancers, salivary tumours, cysts, T.M. joint disorders, orthognathic corrections. All types of trauma, cleft lip and palate corrections.